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Best inversion tables in 2018!


Have you experienced back or neck pain? Involved in an accident? Wanting a way to take the daily stress off your spine?
Did you know MANY people all over the world use inversion therapy to eliminate back pain?

With all the different options and machinery to choose from that not only include a list of wonderful benefits but also help in reducing back pain, inversion tables have a very big reputation and successful track record.

But I’m sure you already knew all that! That’s why you are here scouting for the best inversion table.


Not every inversion table is created equal. We have conducted a list of the best inversion tables to help you pick!


After extensive research we’ve come up with the most recommended inversion tables. Whether you are looking for an inversion table for back pain, improve your blood circulation, improve posture, reverse the effects of gravity, the list can go on. But this is not about the benefits of inversion therapy. 
Without further ado here is our list of the top inversion tables of 2018.



Inversion table reviews 2018



#1 Teeter EP-960 LTD Inversion Table 


Teeter is a brand that has really brought inversion tables to become so successful. With over 2 Million customers they provide best inversion tables 2018MANY great inversion tables to choose from. That being said the Teeter EP- 960 LTD  is one of the most recommended tables out there. It has a very sturdy build and has been Quality tested to UL safety standards positions.

Weighing a total of 65.5 pounds and able to hold up to 300lbs safely.

Simple assembly, the teeter EP-960 is easily set up in just 5 steps taking an average of 13 minutes to setup.

Comfort and grip is a must, which is why the EZ-Reach Ankle System shines. Providing a Triple lock security system. Another great benefit is the over EZ Handles, One can stretch even more by the large handles which provide assistance, support, and even more stretching options. (Which is great for your back!)

The surface you lie on must be secure, safe and comfortable. The Teeter Ep-960 has a FlexTech Bed, it’s Teeter’s Patented Flex Technology that moves with you for greater range of motion and stretching options. It’s smooth and low-friction surface optimizes decompression. Removable head pillow attaches right on the Bed with customizable placement. You also get the 5-year warranty and an exercise DVD.

teeter hangups inversion review



#2 Innova ITM4800 Advanced Heat and Massage Therapeutic Inversion



The Innova ITM4800 inversion table is made of heavy duty steel tubing and has a weight capacity of 300Lbs. 

Five position side pin system giving you a variety of different angles safely and secure.
Just simply pick the desired degree position and the table will consistently and comfortably get you to that position each time. The inversion table also comes with large foam backrest, and padded removable head rest. With smooth side handles that make the entire process incredibly simple.

A distinct feature this inversion table has is the multiple mode massage settings with auto and manual selections. The lumbar support can also be used for isolated heat and massage therapy. Combing heat, relaxing vibration and stretch make this inversion table one of the most therapeutic tables on the market today. Then fold the table for storage. 


If you are wanting the most bang for your buck, just a little over $100.00 this inversion table is the best bet. A must buy if you are looking for the most therapeutic inversion table for your back health.



teeter hangups inversion review


#3 IRONMAN Gravity 4000 Highest Weight Capacity Inversion Table



This list would not be complete without the IRONMAN inversion table. Fitness enthusiasts favorite many ironman customers have even claimed this to be “life changing”.


The Gravity 4000 is made with a durable steel frame, and memory foam backrest to reduce stress and stimulate circulation.

This table does have the highest weight capacity out of any other is inversion table, at a 350 pound max.
With a tough non skid floor stabilizer allowing the table to safely invert the full 180 degrees.

Since you will be using this at an inverted position, your ankles will need as much support as possible.This model has a new improved ankle lock system, a patented Easy reach adjusting ratchet ankle locking system which is a blessing for users and assures added safety and comfort. Very important so you do not cause any added stress to the ankles.
This model has molded ankle cushions which hold ankles securely and comfortably.


When not in use, the Gravity 4000 can also be folded for better portability.

If you are trying to find some lower back pain relief, an inversion table is a great option that has brought many people success!


teeter hangups inversion review



#4 Teeter EP-560 Inversion Table 


Another Teeter Inversion table… Yes, they are that good.teeter inversion table review

This model is meant to handle all your back pain, and reverse the effects of gravity on your body. Has all the bang as the other teeter mentioned above but for less buck!
UL safety certified

Precision Balancing

A quick google search will show you endless positive reviews on this high-quality machine. Just like stated above the setup process is simple and takes a measly 13 minutes. As simple as it gets, set your height slide your ankles in place, recline and relax. With the handlebars strategically placed, makes it even easier for you to rotate to stretch the spine even more.

Stretch assist handles, these handles make it easier for you to safely and comfortably give you the assistance and support. To get the right stretch your body needs.
Once again the patented Teeter technology of the FlexTech Bed, that moves with you for greater range of motion and stretching options. Contoured bed flexes for comfort.

Inversion therapy will not only help you get lower back pain relief, but also many other great benefits!


teeter hangups inversion review



#5 Exerpeutic Inversion Table 


best inversion table for moneyThe sturdy build of this table really makes it stand out. Built with exceptionally strong steel frames and scratch resistant. The back rest completely covered in vinyl for luxury comfort, for the head and back. Like many other inversion tables this inversion table max out at 300 pounds.

Including the soft and comfortable back padding, there is also ankle cushions. Resulting in secure and comfort for your ankles to avoid extra stress.
Another distinct feature is the full length loop safety handling, making it easy to return to upright position. Adjustable strap allows you to invert smoothly at your desired angle. Likewise you can Invert to 180 degrees with ease.

Just like many other inversion tables this is model can also quickly fold up for storage.

There are however some complaints about the ankle padding not being enough. That can be fixed by wearing socks while on the inversion table.


teeter hangups inversion review




What is an inversion table??

Inversion tables have always been popular as a way to fight the effects of gravity on the spine. With great benefits for not only the spine but also blood circulation, help flush waste from the lymph system,  and so many more great reasons to add inversion to your daily life. Thankfully, you can accomplish this at a very affordable price for inversion tables in the comfort of your home!

An inversion table may help relieve general back pain by providing full-spine traction.


Do Inversion tables really work??


Good question, there are sadly many “techniques” that claim to cure back pain. Don’t be fooled, some just want to profit off of your misfortune. So here I will provide PROOF of inversion therapy being successfully used, thanks to inversion tables.


Reduced Back pain:

This study, includes 47 people with chronic back pain and inversion therapy. The study found after just 8 weeks the people reported significantly less/ no back pain. As well as improved flexibility, and torso strength.

Another study shows that with 175 patients unable to work due to  back pain caused by things like sciatica, degenerative disc disease, herniated discs, and lumbar osteoarthritis. After eight weeks of inversion therapy, 155 of the participants were able to return to work.

This study shows that in less than 10 seconds, they noticed less back pain! Using electromyography to measure the pain. 35% pain reduction was noted in the first ten seconds of inversion. That was due to the spinal decompression that took pressure off the nerves.

All this being said, it is not for everyone. Unfortunately there is no end all be all of back pain. But inversion tables have a really impressive track record when it comes to spine health.



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