Inversion Table vs. Gravity boots – 2018 Comparison

If you are like most people you want some pain relief and are looking at all your options;
Now you are going back and forth on the idea of an inversion table or gravity boots (more like anit- gravity boots!) 

Whatever your reason may be the benefits of inversion are huge. Greatly reduce back pain, improving blood circulation, correct posture, and strengthen bones just to name a few! 


Inversion therapy’s main goal is to counteract the impact of gravity on the body.


With that being said both will give you that result. The inversion table can get you that relief your looking for without subjecting your body to such invasive methods. 
These options provide privacy while treating back pain and can be achieved on your schedule in the comfort of your house. 
The obvious difference with the table is you can slowly ease into being in unusual inverted positions, most inversions tables give you different levels you can reach before being fully inverted. 


The Inversion table

inversion table vs gravity boots

If you do decide to chose this option to help ease back pain. Having another person in the room is recommended. First time users will feel more comfortable with assistance. 

Most tables are very simple you set your height step in, lock your ankles in and slowly raise your hands to the ceiling and you will slowly invert to the set max position. (usually 20,40,60,180 degree intervals).


One of the most recommended and highly rated table is the Teeter. They have a very good track record with a huge fan base that swear by the product.  


This is a product I personally use everyday after being treated with scoliosis and has really helped me, check out my full review if you’d like. Hope it helps you! 




ANTI-Gravity Boots 

gravity boots benefits

Picture curtsy of amazon


(No, not the cool moon shoes we had as kids!)
Essentially you will be getting the same results with gravity boots as you will with the inversion tables. 

More of a cannon ball method where as the table you are “dipping your toes in” by going full inverted. 

both very safe and common practices. The boots will tightly be latched to your ankles, you will be ‘hanged’ in a perfect 180 degree with the help of the gravity boots.
Another difference is the anti-gravity boots will take up less space than the table. 

Price wise you can get a good pair of gravity boots for under $100.00 which is very appealing to many!

Luckily Teeter (the same company stated above) has been able to provide for many of there customers with gravity boots as well.


In Conclusion

Now that you are more familiar with the choices you have. Hopefully you have a better understanding of which is best for you. 
If neither sound good to you that is okay! Many yoga poses have recently been proven to help stretch the spine as well. Giving you similar benefits, without the need to being full inverted. 

As long as you are taking action to improve your health, that is all your body wants.

Feel free to ask any questions. I also provided a link to a short video from Teeter that demonstrated the anti-gravity boots.


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