Get Lower Back Pain Relief With these 5 Easy Stretches || Proven to help

Looking for Lower Back pain Relief?? Stretching can play a big part in the healing process.


Below is a short video showing a few stretches, to help ease your lower back pain.


Remember, if you want relief from back pain consistency is a huge key to getting results!

Get your yoga mat ready and lets get started! (To go the extra mile put in these essential oils that help reduce back pain.

Stretches For Lower Back Pain

Lower back aching? These stretches might be able to help ease pain and increase flexibility ❤️

Posted by BuzzFeed Health on Saturday, February 10, 2018


If you are a person that likes to see the proof here are some recent studies done that show the results of stretching:
(Be sure to keep in mind this will not help everyone but it is always wise to try different options!)


We can learn something from over a decade of research, and that is:

The easiest way to melt back pain away (and keep it away) is stretching.

People with chronic lower back pain, have seen a noticeable difference with just 20 minutes of yoga a day!


We spend so much time sitting, it really takes a toll on the spine!



Studies show that simply stretching your back for 1 minute every 20 minutes you are sitting, you are fighting the stress put on the back.



-The Two Knee Twist-


Lying on the floor , or your yoga matt. With arms spread to the side creating a “t” legs together. Bring knees to chest.

Keeping shoulders firmly on the floor, slowly and controlled lower your knees to the left.

Hold for a couple minutes. Bring knees back to your core,  repeat on opposite side.
You will really feel this in your lower back.


lower back stretch two knee



-The Cobra-

Lying on your stomach. Prop yourself up using your arms keeping elbows under the shoulders, push through your palms. Keeping legs straight. Squeeze at the top and hold for a couple minutes, repeat.


stretch for lower back pain



-The Hamstring Stretch-


Back on the floor, bring left leg to chest (straight) while keeping right on the ground. Use your arms to stretch the calf close to your chest. Hold for a couple minutes, Slowly lower.

Repeat with opposite side. 

Really focus on breathing when you stretch. The body works together make sure to give it what it needs to feed those blood cells!


lower back pain stretch


Those are just a few lower back stretches to help reduce back pain. 


If you have anymore to add I’d love for you to share. What is your opinion of stretching? Let us know in the comments!


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