This $15.00 Japanese Gadget ended my back pain! || No Joke!

This $15.00 Japanese gadget can end your back pain.

Sit at your desk all day? You need this. Now.



If you are like me, you spend a lot of time on the computer, for pleasure, work, or just to kill time; whatever the reason may be it can really take a toll on our body.  We are made to be in motion, stretch, run, jump, etc. In case you’re really interested and want to kill more time here’s a more in depth post of what sitting for long hours really does to the body.


(If you are also like me and skim read to get the simple answer here is a link to the gadget. ( Link ) 


back pain relief




In fact one in three adults say there daily activities are impacted by back pain. 

Enough of that you’re here for the solution.




Now don’t get too excited if I had the end all be all solution I’d be hanging with Richard Branson on our own private island being hated by all doctors and chiropractors.


For the sake of this article I’m going to share one $15 Japanese device that has become a real game changer for many people. This little thing has helped many get the back pain relief you are looking for.  

This all started while speaking to one of my friends at his office and noticed a foot long, question mark shaped metal bar.


To keep the story short how this works;


At the straight end was a handle; at the curved one, a nub with a tiny pin.

By slipping the curve around his back or neck and pulling forward on the handle, he could pinpoint shiatsu pressure points, alleviating aches and pains. (Now I’m sure I just lost a couple of you so here is a link to a short read you can skim over, very interesting! In short shiatsu just means “finger pressure” and has been used in Japanese culture for many decades)


back pain relief tool

Doesn’t look like much right?

This device is easy to use small and can even be used while at work to avoid furthering any stress on the back.


Most people wouldn’t even notice it!

You have to hand it to Japanese engineers. The stick is a pure expression of simple, elegant, field-tested industrial design, on par with the Sony Walkman, Toyota Prius or Nintendo Wiimote.

Its curve lets you hang it off of your desk, ready when needed.


The key to the device’s effectiveness is repetitive use. Its small size is unobtrusive, allowing you to use it at work with your left hand. While you use your right hand for something productive, like scrolling through Faceboo — er, uhh TPS reports.

Rather than working kinks out at the end of your workday or -week with a recuperative massage. You treat muscles regularly, ideally at a slightly faster rate than you’re damaging them with all that inactivity and constant strain.


After a short google search I haven’t really seen any product similar to this in the United States

Well unless you want to claim THIS flinstone looking hook as similar..
back massage relief


Which hey I understand, many people swear by this and that’s great! Anything to get back pain relief!

But it looks to require two hands.

As well as very brightly colored, so your colleagues, partners and pets can laugh at you.

(All jokes aside, if you have one and it works for you then that is great and I’m happy you have something to help decrease the stress in your back.)


It is wise to consider different options. Considering the smaller of the two can be used while on the job, to fight the back pain build up on the spot rather than waiting I strongly suggest the the shiatsu stick.

Now i’m writing this to help others because to my surprise it was a real struggle to find one of these online. My main problem with locating the shiatsu stick online is that it’s not called a shiatsu stick.
Or a massager.
Or a massage bar.



In one of those peculiarly Japanese translations of English, it’s called a “muzzles.”

(Get it? Muscles!)


It was mine for just 10 bucks (1,000 yen). Plus another 10 for freight and an agonizing, muscle-cramped, three-week wait for shipping.

Now, thank the gods, the very same item can be found on, provided you know what to look for.

Rather than searching through 271 pages of dog- (and cat-!) bite inhibitors, you’ll need to include the manufacturer’s name.

Searching for “atex muzzles” will reveal the Tex (Atex) Muzzles Atx-2030. Such a intense name for a pin at the end of a stick.


Let me know if you know of any cool gadgets that have helped you in some way! (Here’s a list of cool gadgets that have actually helped in back pain relief)
Post a link in the comments.



I really hope this will bring you BACK to life and I hope this will put an end to the endless search for anything that will relieve back pain!

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