2018 Teeter Inversion Table Review | Is it worth it??

Teeter Inversion Table Review

If you have been looking for inversion tables online, you have probably seen the company name “Teeter” more than a couple times. 


Teeter ep 560 review

About Teeter Hang Ups ,The company.

Founded in 1981 is one of the top providers for inversion therapy. Taking pride in quality, affordability, and successful results from happy customers looking to improve back health.

With large claims such as relieve back pain, ease stress, improve joint health, and increase flexibility, they must hold truth since they have been rated #1 inversion table with over 2 million customers to date. But popularity does not always mean success. So in this review we will see if the teeter hangup inversion table really is worth it!

Since 1981, Teeter is the only company in the world to continuously produce inversion equipment, building a reputation for incomparable quality standards, testing and marketing efforts. With the passion that comes from his recovery credited to inversion, Roger Teeter has built a company where excellent customer service and quality are paramount. You can put your trust in the experience behind Teeter, the most enduring brand of home-use inversion products on the market. 


The Difference between Teeter inversion table and competitors

On the company site is linked to many different studies that have been done, to compare teeter to other inversion tables. That was a really big surprise to me. Must be a reason they have such a strong track record of success. 
You’re probably wondering, how this can be any different from any other. In all honesty, all will accomplish the same. Meaning, all are designed the same way to support someone to incline back safely and securely. 

The differences claimed by TEETER backed by studies, Rated number one in the following:

  • Static Load Test – How much weight the inversion table holds.
  • Functional Endurance Test – How many times the table cycles from upright to inverted and returning upright again.
  • Ease of Assembly – Time from opening the box to the product being operational.
  • Ease of Rotation – Required effort to balance and cycle the inversion table.
  • Ease of Lockout In Full Inversion – Required effort to invert fully and have the table lock into that position.


Furthermore if you are about to buy a product that has such an effect on your health. That even claims to heal back pain!
You are going to want to make sure it lasts.
Another thing teeter really takes pride in is the quality of the table. They use more steel rather than cheaper material, in the right places.
As well as a 30 day money back guarantee, so Teeter is very confident in the product. 


How It Works

Inversion therapy has been used for many many years, to decompress the spine to fight the effects of gravity. 

The main claims from Teeter Hangups is :

  1. Re-hydrates discs
  2. Reduces nerve pressure
  3. Realigns the spine
  4. Relaxes tense muscles


Sounds great! 

In order to accomplish this Teeter states they include unique features, such as a ComforTrak Bed that gives you a greater range of motion, while its “track” design allows customizable placement of the Acupressure Nodes and Lumbar Bridge based on your specific needs. Additional features include a smooth bed that reduces friction, which allows you to easily slide in order to experience the fullest stretch possible; grip and stretch handles for smooth movement; an ankle comfort dial with pressure-reducing specialty foam that ensures a secure fit.

When compared to the competition, Teeter Hang Ups are claimed to be made with auto-locking hinges, special squeak-free roller bearings, and heat-treated steel for the ultimate in reliability. In fact, Teeter Hang Ups are claimed to be the only UL listed inversion table on the market.

When completed , the Teeter Hang Ups inversion table is claimed to fold in seconds for compact storage.


What others say

You don’t get 2 Million customers by luck. Just a simple search online will show that Teeter Inversion tables have tons of positive reviews, and almost no negative feedback.
That being said there are always people that won’t like something. The ying and yang of life! (Good and bad) 

Most complaints are:

  1. Ankle Discomfort (Can easily be solved by wearing socks that cover ankles while inverted) 
  2. Takes time to get used to device.. ( That would be with any device that inclines you up to 180 degrees. Which is a main benefit of inversion table vs gravity boots. Be sure to listen to your body and go easy when beginning inversion therapy )



I personally own the “Teeter EP-560 Ltd” inversion table and can say I love it! I recently bought my dad one for his lower back pain; and he uses it everyday. He says it really helped him with knee pain.
At first the biggest obstacle was my stomach was not used to being upside down, at all. I would feel nauseous so i started small with Five minutes each time. Now I can easily spend 15 minutes fully inverted. After having bad scoliosis my goal was to maintain a healthy spine before becoming painful and inversion has really helped.


In Conclusion

Inversion therapy is not for everyone. But if you are faced with back pain Teeter Hang ups offers many different options, of course there is not one set end all be all.
Inversion tables have personally helped multiple people in my life that have back pain or joint discomfort. I hope you found this review helpful in your journey to a healthier back. 

That being said I am very happy to stand behind this company. Teeter Hangups has a successful track record. They continuously are trying new things and always testing to give the highest quality product. 
However if you find it isn’t for you, you can always take advantage of the company’s 30 day return policy. 


teeter hangups inversion review

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